Moqueca a brazilian seafood stew recipe to check in 2023

Have you been wanting to try a new exotic dish? Do you love seafood and bold flavors? Look no further than Brazilian cuisine and the dish moqueca.

Brazilian food is known for its diverse and unique blend of flavors, and moqueca is no exception. This seafood stew is a traditional dish that has been enjoyed for generations. Whether you are a foodie or just looking to expand your palate, moqueca is a dish that you don’t want to miss out on.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes moqueca so special and why it should be on your list of dishes to try in 2023. From its rich history to its delicious ingredients, you’ll learn everything you need to know. And the best part? We’ll even provide you with a step-by-step recipe so that you can recreate this Brazilian favorite in your very own kitchen.

What is Moqueca?

Moqueca is a Brazilian seafood stew with strong African influences. Originating from the Bahian cities of Salvador and Recife, this traditional recipe typically begins by marinating cubes of firm white fish in a simple mixture of lime juice, salt and garlic before adding onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and garlic to form the base stew. To give it richness and creaminess, coconut milk is stirred in along with optional added heat in the form of red chilies. It is also heavily influenced by African cuisine thanks to their use of dendê (red palm oil). This delicious dish has become popular well beyond its Brazilian origins due to its irresistible combination of ingredients, allowing it to be enjoyed around the world.

From beginning to end Moqueca promises an exciting dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds from start to finish. The mixture of marinated fish cooked with flavorful vegetables provides a warm and comforting boost that is sure to satisfy your appetite long after the meal has finished. With hints of sourness from the lime juice balanced against sweet coconut milk while firey red chillies offer an extra kick at each bite- Moqueca embodies what makes seafood dishes so delicious yet historically diverse across many countries’ cuisines.

Moqueca a Brazilian seafood stew recipe to check in 2023

This Americanized Moqueca is ideal for anyone looking to recreate the delicious flavors of a traditional Brazilian seafood stew in their own home. The recipe is flavorful, healthy and surprisingly easy to make despite its complex flavor palate. In fact, it’s perfect for busy chefs looking to create a healthy meal in a hurry as all you need to do is throw some fresh ingredients into a pot then let the magic happen.

The Moqueca dish contains bright, fresh spices like turmeric and cumin that give it an incredible depth of flavor that pairs perfectly with fish and vegetables. While this Copycat Moqueca version does not include the traditional palm oil used by classic recipes, coconut milk helps bring out its unique tastes. Even if you’re not an expert on cooking authentic Brazilian food, this version of the recipe should be able to satisfy your craving in 2023!

Moqueca a Brazilian seafood stew

Moqueca is a traditional and flavorful seafood stew from Brazil. It is made by simmering tomatoes, garlic, onions, bell peppers and coconut milk in vegetable oil. This combination of ingredients creates a very fragrant and delicious broth. The tomatoes give it a slightly smoky flavor while the bell peppers provide layers of sweetness and warmth. The addition of garlic and onion bring out the flavors of the other ingredients. To make this dish even more tasty, lite coconut milk is also added for a creamy finish.

This stew is perfect for entertaining as it’s easy to make yet bursting with flavor. Serve it as a main course over rice or couscous, or simply enjoy with crusty bread for dipping. For those looking to add protein you can easily incorporate your favorite seafood such as shrimp, mussels or calamari. Whether you decide to go traditional style or get creative with your own variation, Moqueca is sure to be a crowd pleaser!


This recipe is an easy way to make a deliciously flavorful peri peri shrimp and cod. To start, add tomatoes, garlic and onion to a large pot then blend until it reaches a uniform consistency. Increase the heat until the liquid starts boiling and stir in chopped peppers and coconut milk. Add the shrimp and cod then reduce the heat to low and simmer for about five minutes or until cooked through. Finally, stir in the peri peri sauce, lime juice, season with cumin then adjust the flavor profile with salt and pepper to taste.

This recipe only takes ten minutes from start to finish making it ideal for busy weeknights or even on nights where you want something quick but tasty! It requires minimal ingredients so it’s perfect for when you’re trying to get creative with what’s already in your pantry. Serve over rice or cauliflower rice for a complete meal that everyone’s sure to enjoy!


Moqueca is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B6, C, E, iron and magnesium. Seafood is also packed with omega-3 fatty acids which can help to reduce inflammation in the body. Plus it’s low in calories so you can enjoy this dish without compromising your diet.

What to serve with Moqueca Baiana?

Moqueca Baiana is a traditional Brazilian dish consisting of fresh fish cooked in tomatoes and onions. To complete this delicious meal and add some variety, there are many sides that can be served with it. One great accompaniment to moqueca is a bowl of white rice, which will absorb all of the delicious tomato-onion flavors from the stew. For an even better result, our Cilantro Lime Rice is a great accompaniment to really highlight the flavors.

No meal is complete without at least a side of something crunchy or flavorful, and moqueca is no exception! For some great crunch and texture, a classic farofa or pirão should do the trick – they’re both made from traditional ingredients like cassava flour or coconut and give the dish an extra pop of flavor. If you want something truly special for dipping into the sauce beside your white rice, why not try our easy No Knead Bread? It’s perfect for sopping up that amazing stew juice. Or if you’d prefer something fried instead, Tostones (or fried plantains) are always welcome alongside your moqueca – they go perfectly with any Latin dish! And finally, for some green on the side, a simple green salad or even a bowl of guacamole would be delicious to balance out the richness of the seafood stew.

No matter what sides you choose to serve with your moqueca, it’s sure to be a hit! This traditional Brazilian stew is packed with flavor and can easily become a staple in your household. It’s easy to make, nutritious, and incredibly delicious – what more could you ask for?

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